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Rola Okuma Custom Black CB60 -Dark Carbon-

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Rola Okuma Custom Black CB60 -Dark Carbon-


Nova long cast rola Okuma model Custom Black CB-60. Rola bo pravi hit med kraparskimi rolami saj razmerje kvalitete in cene se vedno tepejo, no v tem primeru to ni tako. Super kvalitetna Long Cast rola narejena za krapolov. Rola je simpatičnega videza z karbonskim utripom na ohišju.


* Ležaji: 3+1

* Kapaciteta: 0,35mm-310m

* Prenos: 4,5:1

* Teža: 570g

* Navitje: 101,6cm


• 3 +1 stainless steel bearings
• Quick-Set anti-reverse roller bearing
• Machine cut anodizing alum spool
• Aluminum regular handle
• Hydro block system
• Even flow roller
• Worm shaft transmission system
• LCS line control spool
• Extra spool

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    Rola Okuma Custom Black CB60 -Dark Carbon- [41025]

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